Professional Education, Testing and Certification Organization International (or PEOI for short) was created, and is run by volunteers who believe that it is time for open post secondary education be made available to all free of charge, and that the Internet is making this possible.
PEOI recognizes and expresses its deep gratitude for the large number of volunteers who come through the good services of UN Online Volunteering. Note however that PEOI is an autonomous educational organization, not affiliated with the UN.

Programs of study outline what courses students should take to achieve proficiency in their desired career.

See the eight programs currently posted for more details.

All pages on PEOI are open and free under Creative Commons license stated below, and studying is absolutely free of any charge, but a small voluntary donation would be appreciated, if you can afford it.

PEOI's courses are not just some lecture notes, but are designed to include full text, assignments, cases, exercises review and test questions.

PEOI's courses take a long time to create. There are now courses under construction. But only courses are completed.

All PEOI's courses can be studied, but only completed courses have testing and grading that can lead to award of course completion certificate.

PEOI awards Course Completion Certificates to registered and enrolled students with average of 70/100 or better in tests, submitted assignments and class discussions, all of which at no charge. Do register. It's free.

As of today, , tests are available in subjects. Tests are seeded from large data banks, and change each time taken. Read how students are evaluated at PEOI.

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Anyone can study on PEOI at no charge.

As of today, , there are students from countries registered and enrolled at PEOI.

Read our recommendations on how students should study on PEOI. Read what students think about studying on PEOI. Do register. It's free.

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Authors are faculty, and faculty must contribute to course development.

See Authors section for a description of PEOI's course design and the tasks of various contributors to course creation. Faculty and authors register here. Visit the Volunteers section for descriptions of assignments and required qualifications.

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Translators at PEOI have the same status as authors. They work in teams each having a set of tasks he/she chooses. Visit the Volunteers section for descriptions of assignments and required qualifications.

Translators must be familiar with PEOI's course design described in the Authors section. Translators register here.

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PEOI welcomes all educational institutions interested in using or developing open education. There is no charge of any kind for any organization or its faculty to use materials or procedures on PEOI.

Partner instutions can promote their programs on PEOI and attract new students.

See the Partners Section for more details.

PEOI was created to serve employers recruit qualified personnel.

Please take a look at the students who are registered with PEOI. See their qualifications and the material they study at PEOI. If this suits you, get in touch with them: their contact information can be found in their profile.

For more details see the Employer Section .
Staff volunteers contribute to open education development in graphic design, audio recording, programming (HTML, XML, PHP, Java, Javascript, Perl, C, C++ and MySQL queries), web pages and many aspects of processing HTML material as can be observed in "Volunteers needed" descriptions of projects. Read what volunteers think about contributing to PEOI.

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PEOI's Outstanding Volunteer
Lourdes Sada from Spain, received 2006 UN Online Volunteer of Year Award and PEOI's Volunteer Recognition Certificate for her relentless contribution as Spanish programs coordinator.
PEOI's Outstanding Volunteer
Minh Vo from Viet Nam, received 2006 UN Online Volunteer of Year Award and PEOI's Volunteer Recognition Certificate for writing two advanced courses in Pharmacokinetics.
PEOI's Outstanding Volunteer
Kishori Mundargi from India, received PEOI's Volunteer Recognition Certificate for writing a superb Programming in C course.

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This web site is intended primarily for students to study PEOI's courses that are useful to them.
Secondarily, this web site provides all the procedures necessary to create courses.
Thirdly, numerous auxiliary services can be found.

PEOI now has volunteers contributing as course authors, editors, peer reviewers, audio specialists, web page designers, illustrators, local country representatives and translators from countries. There is much work left to do. Won't you join us? Do you teach, or have professional knowledge? Contact John Petroff listed in Contact Information.

See volunteer comments.

See volunteer comments.

Volunteers have contributed hundreds of thousands of hours of work to the development of PEOI. And many hundreds of thousands of hours more are needed. If you have skills that can be useful to our efforts, and can spare a little time, please contact us. Volunteers register here.

Logged in today: students; faculty volunteers; staff volunteers; board volunteers.

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All pages on PEOI published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License

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