Volunteer assignment:



Tutors are needed for all PEOI published courses which you can see listed in "Courses" as either "Completed" or "Text ready ". You will find courses in fields such as
- accounting (AC101EN and AC102EN),
- chemistry (CH110EN) ,
- economics (EC101EN and EC102EN),
- electrical circuits (EL110EN and EL111EN),
- finance (FN501EN),
- international business (IB110EN),
- journalism (JO101EN),
- marketing (MG110EN) ,
- nursing (NG102EN),
- pharmacology (PH301EN and PH401EN),
- programming in C (IT151EN),
- psychology (PS110EN),
- taxation (AC301EN) , and
- statistics (MS110EN).

The name of a tutor will appear at the bottom of each page of a course a tutor has selected and for which he has been determined to be qualified, with an invitation for a student to solicit tutoring from the volunteer. The tutor will respond to the student by email with a proposed schedule and the method of intercation such as Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp.

To qualify as a tutor you must have completed a program of studies at a university in the subject of the course, and you must have had teaching experience in this subject. The university studies and the teaching experience must have been in the language of the PEOI's course selected.

If interested, please register as faculty. In the registration form elect
- tutor as "Major qualification for PEOI's tasks",
- your field in " Field of specialization",
- the course you chose in "Courses of interest", and
- tutoring in "Join group".
Make sure not to leave any required entry blank and go through the email address verification.

Please bring your skills and knowledge to help millions of disadvantaged students all over the world, who do not have access to traditional education because of where they live, time constraints or insufficient income. Keep in mind that a mentor can have a life changing experience for a student. Thank you for your interest.

To write a short message indicating the reasons why you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, and attach a resume to petroff@peoi.org .

To ask questions, and to offer your comments, criticism or suggestion, please mailto:peoi@peoi.org .