Volunteer assignment:

Class discussion moderator


The role of a class discussion moderator is first of all to propose and insert new topics for class discussion using PEOI's procedures. The purpose is to make students become more participative in their own learning, and thus teach each other by interacting with other students.

Secondly, each time a student makes an entry into a class discussion, the class discussion moderator must review that entry, and if needed, make observations or corrections in a constructive and gentle manner. The moderator is crucial as a mentor and motivator for students who are separated by wide time and cultural distances.

In courses where the class discussion is successful, a portion of student grade will be based on participation in class discussions and evaluating entries by other students. Thus, the class discussion is perceived by PEOI as a learning process of great importance, and the success of this process rests almost entirely of the moderator.

A class discussion moderator must have
- outstanding communication skills,
- solid knowledge of course concepts, theories and empirical evidence,plus
- an up-to-date awareness of recent developments that can make the subject matter come to life.
Class discussion moderators will be appointed only for courses that they know well, which can be demonstrated by prior training and experience.

Class discussion moderators and instructors are also urged to be active in course content expansion and updating which is outlined in the "Authors" section.

All tasks can be carried out from home on your own computer and at your own time. Volunteers can join in forum discussions pertaining to issues of common interest. Registration is necessary to participate in a forum. New volunteers are invited to register as volunteer instructors. For more details, pease write a short message indicating the volunteer opportunity you are interested in, attach a recent resume, and email to appropriate person in contact information.

To ask questions, and to offer your comments, criticism or suggestion, please mailto:peoi@peoi.org .