Volunteer assignment:

Professional Course authors for Iraqi People


Help Iraqi people with online professional courses.

Whether you approved going to war in Iraq or disapproved, there is something we can now all agree on, and that is that we have to help the Iraqi people rebuild their lives. PEOI, a provider of online university level courses free of charge, is seeking to build a program of courses that can be useful for Iraqis (especially Iraqi women) to quickly acquire professional skills to make them productive citizens and to help their economy recover.

If you are a professional capable of educational writing or if you can help to deliver professional courses in Arabic, please consider placing your lecture notes or writings on PEOI web site, or joining the Arabic translation team. See "Authors" section and "Course authoring" in "Volunteers Needed" for more details about volunteering as course author or Arabic translation team member. Work at home on your own computer and at your own time, yet make a big difference for Iraqi people and all over the world.

All tasks can be carried out from home on your own computer and at your own time. Volunteers can join in forum discussions of issues of common interest. Registration is necessary to participate in a forum. New volunteers are invited to register as volunteer staff members. For more details, pease write a short message indicating the volunteer opportunity you are interested in, attach a recent resume, and email to appropriate person in contact information.