Team leader: Raianne Mata (faculty #103916)

Project title
Development of Political Thought


Interview prepared by Faiz Kermani (faculty #104000)
Team leader gives us some insights into how she first started volunteering for PEOI and some of the exciting projects she is currently involved with—as well as her future plans to help improve the accessibility to quality education worldwide.

Faiz: 1. Can you tell us a little about your professional background?
Team leader: Raianne
- I am a registered Town Planner working on Transport Projects. I work on projects that integrate sustainable transport with community development. Apart from this, I'm involved in a project with another global organization protecting women and girls in Africa. In the past, I've developed research on disaster preparedness to empower Women in a regional area in the Philippines. Part of the research involved training women on disaster preparedness.

Faiz: 2. How did you learn about PEOI, and what motivated you to get involved?
Team leader: Raianne
- I learned about PEOI through the United Nations Volunteers website. I firmly believe that education is a powerful and significant tool in equipping and empowering people. I am so passionate about education, that being able to create an impact on other people globally has really motivated me.

Faiz: 3. What do you think is the most important work that PEOI does?
Team leader: Raianne
- In simplest terms, making education widely accessible and free. There is a global benefit for those who have been unable to pursue opportunities due to poverty. Through PEOI, students can access a wide array of courses offered by numerous experts. This helps breaks down educational barriers for aspiring students.

Faiz: 4. What projects are you involved with, and can you tell us a bit more about them?
Team leader: Raianne
- I'm spearheading Development of Political Thought and expect to develop more Political Science courses. Development of Political Thought is one of the core courses in Political Science that introduces how political philosophy came to birth and evolved through time. I came from a Political Science background and I've always believed that society and politics are closely interrelated. Discovering the history and genealogy of political thought gives us the idea of how the society has greatly influenced the minds of the political philosophers and shaped the world we are in.

Faiz: 5. What other PEOI initiatives are you involved in?
Team leader: Raianne
- I'm currently the Team Leader for the course I'm developing and overseeing/managing volunteer(s). I am working on volunteer tasks and managing them through an online platform. I am developing a system that will enable us to work through tasks seamlessly.

Faiz: 6. What do you think students can gain from PEOI?
Team leader: Raianne
- Students will gain invaluable knowledge as the experts who develop the courses are fueled by passion. Despite learning being offered remotely, it doesn't limit the knowledge that a student can acquire (at absolutely no cost).

Faiz: 7. Why do you think that other professionals should volunteer with PEOI? How can they help and what can they gain from the experience?
Team leader: Raianne
- Being a part of PEOI is such a great experience. What fuels my involvement and commitment in PEOI is passion and the global reach I can make from the comfort of my home. Knowing that there are passionate, purpose-driven students out there aspiring to achieve professional ambitions but currently lacking the resources to acquire formal education is the biggest driver for me to keep doing what I do as they can readily learn from PEOI. There is nothing above and beyond creating even a small impact on someone else's life and helping them fulfil their dreams. I hope that encourages YOU to join us!

Faiz: 8. Where can people find out more about PEOI and your course?
Team leader: Raianne
- To find out more about PEOI, visit the website at To find out more about volunteering on the course development of PO105EN (Development of Political Thought), visit, and go to “creating courses.” Then go to “volunteers,” and then “volunteers needed,” and click on Development of Political Thought.

Faiz: 9. Is there any other information you would like to share about your volunteering experience?
Team leader: Raianne
- My engagement with PEOI has been rewarding. It helped me develop and acquire new skills. Also, working with like-minded professionals has been really encouraging.

Faiz: 10. Are you involved in any other types of volunteering activities outside PEOI?
Team leader: Raianne
- I am involved in another project with the UN through a global organization protecting women and girls in Africa. I am also part of a team in our local Church, engaged with the youth community.

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