Vijaykumar Mopuri project:



ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION ANALYSIS" EY301EN at PEOI. PEOI (Professional Education Organization International) is a non-profit organization (US EIN 06-16119400) started in 1999, and now run by over 10000 volunteers, that delivers free of charge hundreds of complete university level courses online to millions of students in 187 countries and eleven languages. With libraries and universities on lockdown, Vijaykumar's online teaching is all the more important. PEOI lead authors, such as Vijaykumar Mopuri, are difficult to retain and your help will make a difference for him and his students.

Give your time to develop Vijaykumar's EY301EN course if you have expertise in environmental protection, or give some money to support Vijaykumar's work to assist disadvantaged students with limited access to education. Donated money will be placed in a Paypal account and given to Mr Mopuri only when EY301EN is published with all chapter text, cases, assignments, reading lists, summaries, class discussions, review and test questions, as well as statistics and research citations. Please read qualification requirements and methods of volunteer work recognition for this and hundred of other PEOI's projects in "Volunteers" of "Course authoring" at Names of contributors will appear on each page to which a volunteer contributed. Names of donors will appear on all course pages for a donation of $50,000 or more, all chapter pages for a donation of $10,000, and all pages of a chapter section for a donation of $1,000"

Please bring your skills to help millions of disadvantaged students all over the world, who do not have access to traditional education because of where they live, time constraints or insufficient income. Thank you for your interest.

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