Volunteer assignment:

Arabic Translation Team


The plan for this project is to develop a Arabic version of PEOI. The Arabic PEOI web site is especially intended to assist Iraqi people (women in particular) to acquire professional skills to become more productive and help the economy recover.

To accomplish this goal, about 6 committed individuals are necessary to form a Arabic translation team. In that team there are several distinct responsibilities:
- coordinator and tasks supervisor who must be an excellent communicator and be available every day of the week an
average of one hour; he/she must have an excellent understanding of how individual tasks can be accomplished and how the entire project can be completed;
- webmaster who need not create the web site as the entire English set of pages will be transferred to the Arabic web site, but he/she must be knowledgeable about how to upload files, handle Linux folders, verify HTML and use CGI; he/she must distribute work to translators for text files that are accessible through PEOI procedures; his work load is about 5-10 hours per week with minimum of 3 hours in any given week;
- one or two translators of general text, who will receive the text from the webmaster and return to same; the workload
and schedule are flexible; probably 10 hours per week would be optimum;
- four or five translators of economics, accounting and finance courses, who can work directly with PEOI procedures
with the webmaster uploading completed work to permanent folders; workload is entirely flexible; also optimum of 10
hours per week.

All the work can be performed at home on one's own computer. Additional explanations of the work to be performed
can be found in volunteer assignment for translator and in "Authors" section.

I propose to form the team before attempting to do any actual work because the amount of work is beyond the
capacity of one or two individuals. Recruiting additional team members is therefore, the first order of business.

All tasks can be carried out from home on your own computer and at your own time. Volunteers can join in forum discussions of issues of common interest. Registration is necessary to participate in a forum. New volunteers are invited to register as volunteer staff members. For more details, pease write a short message indicating the volunteer opportunity you are interested in, attach a recent resume, and email to appropriate person in contact information.

To ask questions, and to offer your comments, criticism or suggestion, please mailto:peoi@peoi.org .