How much time to complete a course?

If the course is taken as part of a degree program at a college or university, a time limit is usually imposed for the overall program and consequently on individual courses. Typically that may be one semester. This can be sometimes extended to one calendar year.

When no degree program is involved, there can be no time limit. But, as noted earlier, if the student chooses instructor supervision, the instructor is likely to set a mutually agreed deadline for completing course requirements. Failure to meet the deadline can be costly and require duplication of work if another instructor must be appointed.

For PEOI course completion without an instructor, there is no time limit. A student must request a final examination to be scheduled by PEOI in writing by e-mail, and that can be done at any time as soon as the course requirements have been completed or the grade composition has been shrunk to the final exam by choice of the student, which could conceivably be a matter of a few days. For the majority of procrastinators, the lack of time constraints can be a disadvantage. Students must find their own motivation and discipline to complete courses timely. External factors such as family and job have clearly a major bearing on that, and PEOI is in no position to exert an influence.

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