How to study a PEOI course?

This is mostly up to the student, with possible guidance from the instructor. The material in PEOI courses is arranged so that it is compatible with different learning styles. The normal sequence would be to
- read one chapter at a time, taking detailed notes as one reads;
- verify understanding of the chapter with the help of review questions;
- apply the concepts with exercises and case assignments, and visit the links present;
- assess the limits of a concepts by doing the research assignments;
- expand the understanding of the material in the chapter by reading materials listed in bibliography.

After a body of chapters has been completed, the student should prepare for comprehensive exams by conducting a review of concepts and their application with the help of cases and assignments designed specifically for that.

The above sequence can be significantly changed depending on the preferences and needs of individual students. For instance, if a student believes that he/she already knows most of what is in a chapter, going over review questions will allow him/her to link back only to those concepts that are not fresh in mind. Or, if the student prefers a learning by doing approach, case studies will reveal what tools of that chapter are necessary to find solutions.

For certain topics, there are links that permit a student to follow their development in the context of different chapters. These are available for narrowly focused investigations. A novice should be discouraged from making a habit of jumping around too much.

Additional relevant guidelines on approach to each course can be found in the foreword of each course.

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