What is PEOI registration?

Registration is NOT required to view any PEOI course material. Registration is intended to initiate and maintain a student's grade book. The grade book discussed in "What student records are kept by PEOI", is the central record that shows a student's progress in all PEOI courses. Naturally, if one is seeking to enroll in a PEOI professional course and strive to complete the course for one of the goals discussed in "How to earn credits toward a degree?", this is not possible without registration.

There is no fee or charge of any kind for registering at PEOI.

The registration is essential for student identification purposes because PEOI does not have any means of verifying that an individual is not an impostor other than cross checking the data entered in the registration. Some of the data is also used to construct student profiles so that course offerings can be better targeted at the audience. In no case is any of the information used to segregate individuals on the basis of gender, race, ethnic origin, domicile, age or income. None of the information is circulated to other organizations or businesses. The information requested can be viewed through Registration form request.

Once a registration is completed, a student can access all his/her records by signing in with user name and password. Signing out is recommended at the end of each session to avoid third party indiscretion. Subsequently, all the information in the registration can be changed as needed. To delete an existing registration a request to that effect must be sent to peoi@peoi.org.

Registration gives students the right to enroll in a PEOI review course, which is free of charge, to complete such course and/or establish a permanent record of knowledge of the subject by taking the on-line comprehensive test. (Note that the comprehensive test can be taken any number of times and only the best grade counts.)

Registration does not mean that there will be an instructor giving assignments and keeping the student going. Studying and taking periodic tests is entirely up to each individual. If one needs coaching, guidance and interaction on-line or by telephone, a PEOI on-line instructor is recommended. If one needs personal interaction, it is preferable to take a PEOI course at a college or university where an instructor can meet the student face to face.

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