Students are invited to visit PEOI's "Partners" section and see the list of institutions that have registered and are eager to serve PEOI's students. Also see the list of events and special offerings these institutions have posted in the "Partners" section.

PEOI recommends the Beijing Social University where PEOI courses can be used for credit toward the degrees awarded by that institution.

To find on line courses, PEOI recommends or Open Education database promotes commercial online education, but also has a list of non-commercial courses in which, however, PEOI's courses are missing.

Excellent open content courses can be found at the Sharing of Free Intellectual Assets (SOFIA) which is maintained by Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers its MIT OpenCourseWare (lecture notes and list of readings and assignments) at
Carnegie Mellon University has a few open online courses at (statistics, empirical research, life sciences, economics, logic and proofs, French).
Rice University offers open modules in its Connexion platform at

The presitgious journal Nature has opened a website at where one can find free and open articles, ask-the-expert and other content mostly about genetics.

Kelly Sonora has compiled a list of open courses for those interested in business studies at Open for Business: 100+ Open Courseware Collections for Web Entrepreneurs .

Benjamin Crowell has very generously made ten of his books pertaining to physics available as open education at his website The books can also be purchases in a print form. His website shows a long list of institutions that have adopted his books as textbooks for physics courses.

The RESPECT web site provides education for refugees with correspondance courses conducted by volunteer tutors for small groups of refugees.

For English as a second language using Skype, take a look at Teach the World Online.

The collegiateindependentstudy web site calls itself Free Open University, and claims to offer Free and Open courses, but learning is not really open since registration is required, however registration is indeed free. The web site does not create its own course content, but uses open courses available elsewhere. Some course content is made of audio podacts, and students must write essays for each of fifteen or more topics.

Open education data base claims to give access to 2,850 open courses, but the scope of these courses vary widely.

Open content not specifically intended for education can be found at:

Internet Archive has a section for education at ( also stores a very large number of books, images and music).
Computer science:
Original free digital library of books no longer in copyright:
limited choice of books available:
free computer and programming books:
The National Academies Press:
Wikipedia and numerous other wikis have abundant open resources.

Students interested in French online courses can find a very comprehensive listing at UniversitySurf .

In addtion, a list of French online courses appears at at site de l'Urfist de Paris with material of special interest to economist found at Le Guide Ecoline.


Testing centers.

The National College Testing Association (NCTA) at lists the testing centers which PEOI will use. Please also consult PEOI list of partner institutions. You may also approach your local insitution of higher learning to arrange for an in-person test.

There are other testing service providers where PEOI will set up final exams when needed. Some of these are located abroad.

Other web sites useful to students.

Students looking for internship can visit