How to earn credits toward a university degree?

At present, PEOI does not award university degrees. PEOI is only a course content provider. Because employers prefer diplomas from well-established accredited institutions, it is to a student's advantage to earn credits for taking a PEOI course as part of a degree program at such institutions.

There are several ways university credits can be earned.
1)- enrolling in a university course that uses PEOI as the official text.
2)- arranging with a faculty member to take a PEOI course as an individual special study course at the university where the student is already matriculated.
3)- arranging for PEOI to locate a university near the student where the student can be tested for knowledge acquired from a PEOI course. In other words, the student contacts PEOI, and PEOI locates a university that has a qualified instructor in the discipline involved, and where the student can register for the course.
4)- completing a PEOI course and being listed in the record of PEOI registered students course completion after taking PEOI final examination at an independent testing service provider, and having a university recognize the grade as a transfer credit to be counted as part of a degree program. Note that it is advisable for the student to verify this with his/her university beforehand.

(In the future, PEOI will seek professional and academic accreditation, and may start offering professional programs certificates and degrees whenever a sufficient number of courses has been added.)

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