How students may benefit from a PEOI course?

As shown in Courses, PEOI course offering includes review courses and professional courses. The review courses are present because they cover fundamental concepts that are prerequisites for starting professional courses. There are four review courses and one professional course as of June 2001. The goal is to expand the number of professional courses to 100. In professional courses, PEOI strives to provide professional knowledge that is as complete, up-to-date, accurate, authoritative and useful as possible. It is up to the user to make the most of it. Depending on one's circumstances, one can benefit from a PEOI course for the following purposes.

1)- Personal knowledge:
For instance, in the case of Financial Analysis one can seek to manage one's own retirement portfolio more efficiently.

2)- Improved work performance:
Course material can be essential for raising the skills and performance of an employee in a company. Employees can find cutting edge professional training in PEOI advanced courses. Moreover, employers set criteria for work related knowledge requirements. PEOI can assist a company in designing and delivering training material that meets these criteria. Employees may want to put their employers in contact with PEOI.

3)- Promotion:
Improved performance certainly helps, but it may not be enough for promotion. To be promoted an employee must usually show evidence of greater understanding of corporate core activity. An employee can show his/her employer proof of such knowledge with completion of a PEOI professional course because PEOI provides public access to records of registered and enrolled student course completion (but not individual grades which can be only viewed by a student and his/her instructor). How to obtain a record of completion of PEOI course is covered in the last paragraph. If one seeks to be recognized for mastery in a field that most any employer would accept, it is then appropriate to earn either a university degree or a professional certification discussed below.

4)- Earning credits toward a university degree:
Each PEOI course is designed to cover as thoroughly as possible the common body of knowledge that is expected for a university level course in a given area of studies. How this can be accomplished is discussed in the next topic.

5)- Preparing for a professional certification:
PEOI courses can be used for exam preparing for such professional credentials as CA, CPA, CFA, etc. The Financial Analysis course is specifically designed to cover much of what can be asked on CFA exams.

6)- Seeking PEOI record of registration and course completion:
By registering for a PEOI course, and after successfully completing a set of course requirements a student is listed in PEOI public record of course completion which is further described in Records below. PEOI record of course completion can be viewed in Registered students records. One must note that, as discussed below, there is no cost for registration or studying the course material, but there are costs involved in grading tests, recording grades, maintaining grade sheets, keeping course completion records, taking required proctored final exam and in obtaining help from an instructor.

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