Program of Studies:
Public Health

  Public Health is a very broad discipline and the major themes of the field are protecting, promoting and improving the health and well being of the populations, particularly those who are considered to be marginalised and vulnerable in our modern society.

  Public health is based on the interdisciplinary approach in problem solving using available knowledge to extend the benefits of current knowledge in ways that will have impact on the health status of a population.

  Public health is founded on the idea of social justice, those who study and practice in this field are concerned with the many conditions that influence health and well-being, including social, economic, political and medical care factors. While those who practice health care - in medicine (as doctors, emergency technicians, physician assistants), nursing (as nurses or nurse practitioners), dentistry, or other allied health fields - are part public health workforce, those choosing a public health career typically focus their work on developing policies and programs that support the creation of well-being and the prevention of disease.  They focus their studies and activities on disease prevention and health promotion in neighborhoods, schools, communities, and in government, examining how to deliver services, improve environments, and equip and empower people with information to protect their own health.

The required courses for all public health programs are:

- Year 1
- Introductory Biology
- Foundations of Public Health
- Public Health Biostatistics
- (STS) Science, Technology and Society
- Year 2
- Epidemiology 1
- Public Health Microbiology
- Environmental Health
- Public Health Microbiology Lab
- Year 3
- Human Parasitology
- Epidemiology II
- Human Parasitology Lab
- Public Health Nutrition
- Politics of Public Health
- Year 4
- Research Methods in Public Health
- Health Promotion and Education

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