Program of Studies:
Agricultural Sciences

  Suggested undergraduate courses for Agricultural Sciences

- 1.Introduction to Plant Science
- 2.Introduction to Animal Science
- 3.Statistical Application in Agriculture
- 4.Fundamentals of Soil Science
- 5.Introduction to Poultry Science
- 6.Farm Management
- 7.Agricultural Economics
- 8.Plant Botany
- 9.Plant Physiology
- 10.Entomology
- 11.Plant Pathology
- 12.Farm Weeds and their Control
- 13.Landscape Plants and Design
- 14.Introduction to Animal and Plant Genetics
- 15.Principles of Food Science and Technology
- 16.Irrigation and Water Conservation and Management
- 17.Greenhouse Operation and Management
- 18.Principles of Crop Science
- 19.Plant Breeding
- 20.Horticulture and Propagation of Horticultural Plants
- 21.Floriculture
- 22.Forestry


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