PEOI proficiency examination

PEOI professional testing is available entirely free of charge for all business or government organizations to assess the professional skills of employment candidates and for award of promotion.

The tests are based on PEOI course material which was developed with the help of leading textbooks in the subject, and used in lecturing in various American universities. Please see course content under "Courses". Employees can prepare for test free of charge by reading the courses, practicing on exercises, working on assignments, answering review questions and taking end of chapter quizzes. Cases, exercise and questions are linked back to specific concepts in the text.

Tests are constructed from questions data banks with thousands of questions. Questions are selected randomly, and each question is restructured randomly so that no two tests are ever the same. After clicking on the selected test, guidelines for taking the test allow to learn how the test will be conducted. Once a test taker has become familiar with these guidelines, a form page allows to enter the name of the test taker, change the number or type of questions.

Professional testing is currently available in the following positions:

- entry level economist

- entry level accountant

- financial analyst

- Test

 Employer to set up student proficiency exam.

 Student to take proficiency exam.

To list an business organization as PEOI participating employer, to inquire how PEOI and a corporate employee training program can help one another, and to offer your comments, criticism or suggestion, please send a message to: