What partner institutions provide


All universities, colleges, institutes and other institutions of higher learning that use, or allow their teaching staff to use any PEOI course content can become a PEOI partner institution by simply notifying PEOI as indicated below.

 IBMC new PEOI partner

On June 1, 2003, the International Business & Management College P/L, IBMC, was organized in Singapore to offer class instruction in PEOI with delivery of class attendance and certificate. See "Partner listing" for details of location and contact person.

Students can find at partner institutions instructors, libraries, research facilities and other services that PEOI does not have. PEOI students are strongly encouraged to approach the partner institution closest to where they reside for any studies related to PEOI courses. Fees charged by partner institutions for enrolling at such institutions, for attending events, for receiving instructor guidance and for using any of its services, as well as lecturing on a PEOI course and awarding course credits as part of a program of studies, is entirely in the hands of the partner institution.

What partner institutions are expected to provide is primarily
- advice on courses PEOI ought to develop
- recommendation to their faculty to review PEOI courses they use, and to convey their remarks to PEOI editing staff
- recognition of PEOI courses completed by applying students as transfer credits (subject to grading standards at partner)
- accomodations as testing center for PEOI students (for which fees will be paid to partner institution)

To list an institution as PEOI partner institution, to inquire how PEOI and a university, college, government agency, international development organization or other NGO can help one another, and to offer your comments, criticism or suggestion, please contact the executive director at petroff@peoi.org .