List of PEOI partner institutions


The following is a list of institutions where PEOI courses have been used as reported by contact person:

 Name of institution  Location  Contact person  Contact email
association pour la sauvegarde de l'environnement et le développement à la bse  Benin Etrienne IWIKOTAN
International Business & Management College P/L  Singapore Young Tay
Newasia University and International Hanyu Academy  Beijing Young Tay
Melbourne International Homestay  Australia David C Nesbit
 Metta Center  Nepal  Piya Ratna, President
Professional Education Organization PAKISTAN  Pakistan Ijaz Shafi
 St.Petersburg University  Russia  Vladimir Platonov, Ph.D.
 Universidad Comunera  Paraguay  Javier Cosp
 Universidad del Valle  Cali, Colombia  Miguel Arce
 Ya Sheng International Cultural Institute  Taiwan  Alice Liu, President in Kaohsiung
 Benguet State University Open University  Philippines  Gerry Lab-oyan
 Human behaviour Academy UK, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Indonesia Prof. Dr. Leow


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