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Mission Statement

PEOI has been created to provide on line course content for professional university level education intended to improve the skills of aspiring professionals, serving the corporations that employ such individuals, universities that award degrees for programs that include such courses and faculty members that teach such subjects.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime can use PEOI course content for self-improvement free of charge. PEOI also offers a range of services such as testing, grading, grade maintenance, delivery of certificate and attestation of course completion for a fee to cover costs, but scholarships will be given to students in need.

PEOI is not [currently] a university. PEOI designs its courses so that they can be taken as part of a program of studies with a professor at an accredited institution. PEOI listens carefully to prospective employers in order to offer courses that are authoritative, complete, up-to-date and relevant to professionals. PEOI courses can be thought of as dynamic textbooks that can be modified by each professor. Course content improvements are invited by everyone. PEOI would like to become a central location where reliable, high quality and cutting edge learning is available for all professions at little or no cost.

PEOI's goal is to extend the benefit of on line education to those who have been deprived of access to education because of location, time constraints and/or lack of income. In the United States, PEOI will work with other institutions to diminish the information technology divide. In developing countries, PEOI wants to play a role in diffusion of management technology and become a tool of economic development policy. The hope is that improved skills of the peoples of the world will lead to opportunities for greater economic prosterity, betterment of their society and each person's fulfillment in life.

In sum, PEOI's mission is to make online professional education accessible and affordable to all.

To ask questions, and to offer your comments, criticism or suggestion, please mail .