PEOI service to employers

PEOI was created to offer courses that make professionals more knowledgeable, and therefore, more productive for their employers. PEOI courses are designed to be based on accepted academic theories, to comply with recognized educational standards, and to reflect common practice in the profession. PEOI is committed to update and improve content of its courses continuously. To make PEOI courses more valuable to those who take them, and therefore for the corporations where they work, it would be most useful for PEOI to know what work requirements are in effect at different businesses in general, and your business in particular. PEOI seeks to keep abreast of new developments in the work place that bear on the course material offered. We hope to hear from you. PEOI is also ready to develop new course content specifically aimed at a specific professional group.

PEOI hopes that employers of professionals who benefited from PEOI training will choose to support PEOI in continuing its educational mission to expand and improve its course offering.

To list a business organization as PEOI participating employer, to inquire how PEOI and a corporate employee training program can help one another, and to offer your comments, criticism or suggestion, please send a message to: