Authors, editors, translators and other contributors to course development
of Principles of Accounting I

This course was initially developed by John Petroff in the 1980's for students in accounting as a study guide with the help of Andrew J. Fella. The course was based on the five leading textbooks then in publication, and was distributed for use in introductory accounting courses in a large number of colleges and universities in the United States on diskette.

John Petroff, a native of Paris, France, is a retired professor of finance and economics. He holds a diploma from HEC (Ecole des Hautes Etudes, Paris, France), a MBA with concentration in accounting and finance from NYU, and Ph.D. in economics/international business from NYU. He has taught at several universities in the United States (such as SUNY, in particular), as well as in Switzerland, Russia and Kazakhstan. Prior to that he had a successful professional career in banking, retailing and accounting.

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