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Assignments for Microeconomics Chapter 5

A-5.1 List and explain the characteristics of pure monopoly. Use

A-5.2 Identify the various forms of barriers contributing to the
presence of a monopoly power in a product market.

A-5.3 Study demand and marginal revenue of a monopoly. Compare them
to those of a firm in perfect competition. Comment on the
pattern of total revenue.

A- 5.4 Show graphically and explain how a monopoly determines its
optimum quantity and price. Point out the area representing
its profits.

A-5.5 Establish the inefficiency of monopolies for society.
Present positive aspects of monopolies.

A-5.6 Define price discrimination. List conditions for its
existence. Show consequences. Use examples.

A-5.7 Explain how regulating agencies determine the price a regulated
monopoly should be allowed to charge.