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E-2- General Procedure for Administering Enema


General Procedure for Administering Enema

1. Place the patient in Simís position because this position allows the fluid to flow by gravity and fill the descending colon. When an extreme, complete cleansing is necessary, after 300-400 ml is instilled, position the patient on the back for the next 300 ml instillation. Then move the patient to the right side to instill an additional 300ml. This procedure allows the fluid to fill the transverse and the ascending colon.
2. Cover the patient with a drape for privacy, so that only the rectal area is exposed. This lessens patientís embarrassment as well as chilling.
3. Patients receiving large amount volume of enema may not retain it for 5 minutes. Therefore, bedpan and/or commode should be readily available.

4. Once the correct amount had been instilled, clam the tubing to prevent it from dripping.
5. Encourage the patient to hold the fluid as long as possible.
6. Assist the patient onto the bedpan or commode. If the patient can be left alone, provide a call light and toilet tissue. Inform patient not to flush toilet
7. After defecation, help the patient to a position of comfort since enema can be tiring for the patient. Provide for an opportunity of handwashing.

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