Questions Chapter 1

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Review questions for Chapter 1: C Programming History

R- cprog1-1.1: What terms do programmers use to designate C language?

R- cprog1-1.1: What operating system was C language invented for?

R- cprog1-2.1: In which level of programming languages is C language classified?

R- cprog1-2.2: From which language was C language derived?

R- cprog1-2.3: What language did Ken Thompson create in 1969?

R- cprog1-3.1: Who wrote the first C compiler?

R- cprog1-3.2: When did Dennis Richie convert B language into C language?

R- cprog1-4.1: Who wrote a book of the first definitions of C language?

R- cprog1-4.2: When was the first book of C definitions published?

R- cprog1-5.1: What government agency standardized C language?

R- cprog1-5.2: What is the name of the standards used for C language?

R- cprog1-5.3: In what year were ANSI C standards first adopted?

R- cprog1-5.4: Are programmers required to use ANSI C standards?

R- cprog1-5.5: Why do programmers prefer using ANSI C standards when writing in C?

R- cprog1-6.1: Name at least three types of programs in which C language is used.

R- cprog1-6.2: Is web page coding a typical use of C language?

R- cprog1-7.1: On which operating system is a C compiler most often present?

R- cprog1-7.2: Which are the two most popular C compilers for personal computers?

R- cprog1-7.3: Is it possible to find a free C compiler?

R- cprog1-8.1: What is the name of a more advanced version of C language?

R- cprog1-8.2: Is the more advanced version of C likely to make plain C language obsolete?

R- cprog1-9.1: What does OOP stand for?

R- cprog1-9.2: What is the new concept present in advanced version of C that was not present in traditional C language?

R- cprog1-10.1: For which applications is C preferable to C++?

R- cprog1-10.2: Would you recommend writing a device driver in C or in C++?

R- cprog1-10.3: What are the limitation for using C++ when compared to C?

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[Your opinion is important to us. If you have a comment, correction or question pertaining to this chapter please send it to .]

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