Authors, editors, translators and other contributors to course development of Programming in C

Kishori Mundargi from India was living in NJ, USA, when she wrote the text of of Programming in C in 2003. In 2007, PEOI's board of directors recognized Kishori Mundargi as an outstanding author for writing this course.

Here is what Kishori Mundargi had to say:

" I am associated with PEOI for almost a year. I have worked in the IT industry for five years and Electrical industry for three years. I volunteer in order to share my learning with others, to network with others and in the process learn and enhance my knowledge. I was impressed by the mission of PEOI, that is, to make quality online education available and affordable to all. Moreover, the best part of PEOI is that it is not targeted towards one country or one field of education, it is accessible to everyone irrespective of their location. Being from India I want to promote PEOI in India through my friends and contacts. . "

Airton Filho from Brazil contributed a large number of assignments and corrections for them (the corrections appear in the appendix).

Anisa Chaudhary from India wrote most of the review questions and some test questions.

Shree Hosadurg from India made numerous key corrections in the text, and stayed writing test questions until the last test questions written in September 2007.

Additional writing and editing was contributed by Jan Orbech Pedersen from Denmark, Chris Cole from Jamaica and Remco Woldhuis from the Netherlands.

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