Editing text files

The following files are accessed with the Edit text procedure
- text of chapter, section, subsection or appendix
- assignments
- review questions
- bibliographies
- comments

All these files are html files without any special parameter. Some of the files contain important scripts written in Javascript used for linking to other files or tests. Obviously, it is crucial that these scripts not be damaged when updating the text of the file. When an entire new paragraph is inserted, the writer should not forget to place <P> at the beginning and </P> at the end. It is recommended that a text to be entered be first edited in a word processor, then copied and pasted into PEOI text files. After completing all changes, clicking on Save Change(s) completes the editing.

Because of potential harm from unwarranted modifications, all updated files are first saved in a temporary directory to make sure that scripts are not damaged, and to give PEOI editing staff the chance to read through these modified files. When the changes made by an author involve reporting new findings or are more than just style or grammar, they require peer review which takes more than the usual one day delay.

When questions are to be written for specific portions of the text, a link can be established between test answers and underlying text with the help of an anchor. Entering an anchor must comply with html requirements and be written as <A NAME="anchor#####"></A> where ##### is a unique name or number assigned by the writer. For links the syntax is similar: <A HREF="######">XYZ</A> where ##### is the url (or internet address) and XYZ is the name of the link in plain English.

The html tags for paragraphs, links and anchors are probably the only tags most authors need to ever use in PEOI text files. All other html writing is done by PEOI procedures automatically or by PEOI editing staff.

As of June 2001, there is a maximum size for accessing all text course material files to be edited on screen. Files that exceed this maximum need to be edited or updated by PEOI staff on behalf of the author. It is expected that the limitation will be removed in the future.


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