Course content

PEOI believes that continuous development of course material is of primary importance for both faculty and students to make courses interesting, challenging, authoritative and useful, and for both faculty and students to stay abreast of their professional field and engage in life-long personal growth.

The procedures available on PEOI are specifically designed to make it most convenient for course material to be easily updated and expanded by faculty members. As will be apparent in the following paragraphs, faculty knowledge of html is minimal. Naturally, creating an entire course is not possible with these procedures alone, and requires professional html editing by. This is especially necessary for tables, links and images. However, to allow contributions from numerous authors on a continuous basis, PEOI procedures should work adequately well.

All faculty teaching a particular course can act as author and make changes in the files. The changes which appear as underlined text in a temporary file, are reviewed by other authors, and if approved, become part of course content. A change in one file requires often parallel modifications or additions in other files with links, questions, assignments and questions. That is why all these files are present for updating and sometime appear together on the screen when entering changes.


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