Professional Education Organization International


As of November 2002, PEOI board of directors consists of the following members:

- Bonnie Bracey, Washington, D.C., educational consultant

- Jeanne M. Henry, Terre Haute, MI, clinical consultant and psychological counsellor

- James Steven Hudson, Mount Pleasant, SC, JD and MD

- S. Yousof Kokcha, Vienna, Virginia, marketing specialist

- John Petroff, Conesville, New York, retired professor of finance and economics

- Romina Sengara, New York, NY, IT Business Consultant


There is an immediate need for a minimum of additional directors so that the board of directors has the needed independence. Subsequently, twelve directors are desirable for full operations. Individuals who wish to become directors, should be able to offer guidance in one or more of the following functions or purposes:
- organizational mission formulation and supervision of its implementation
- relations with universities domestic and foreign, as well as governmental educational bodies
- relations with authors, securing copyrights and continous upgrading of content
- relations with instructors and testing service providers
- design of distance education courses, formulation of standards and participating in accreditation effort
- fund raising
- identifying and understanding potential student needs in industrialized countries
- determinating of how to serve best potential students in developing countries
- improvement of software and web site design to serve widest potential student population
Please note that according to PEOI bylaws, directors serve without compensation except reimbursement for expenses. Participation in board meeting decisions can be conducted by email. See bylaws for more details.

Nominations, suggestions and applications for director positions are eagerly sought, and can be submitted to