Top five advantages of free online education
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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, said Nelson Mandela. However, though education has various powerful advantages such as creating growth opportunities, enabling to think analytically and critically, and provide a living to your loved ones, it is not readily accessible or affordable. In disadvantaged countries around the world, the lack of education not only prevents economic and social growth but also hinders the transformative change of a community. To tackle this issue, PEOI has taken on the challenge of making higher education accessible to underprivileged populous worldwide. Through free online learning, PEOI aims to enable disadvantaged adults and children to:

  • Gain or enhance skills simultaneous to working or caring for a family, allowing them to pursue higher education and obtain training and/or certifications from a reputable institution

  • Gain a competitive edge over their peers, resulting in long-term sustainable job opportunities

  • Stay update to date on newest, quality knowledge on an international and/or a local level

  • Explore other fields/areas of studies, change career paths, and expand networking and horizons

  • Access anywhere, anytime at your convenience and flexibility

The benefits of free education far outweigh its cost and PEOI’s journey to empower the deprived is not only commendable but necessary for the continued evolution of the humankind.

Written by
Muhammad Ashraf and Uttara Agarwal

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