Students are invited to visit PEOI's "Partners" section and see the list of institutions that have registered and are eager to serve PEOI's students. Also see the list of events and special offerings these institutions have posted in the "Partners" section.

Students interested in French online courses can find a very comprehensive listing at UniversitySurf .

In addtion, a list of French online courses appears at at site de l'Urfist de Paris with material of special interest to economist found at Le Guide Ecoline.

PEOI recommends to students in China the Beijing Social University where PEOI courses can used for credit toward the degrees awarded by that institution.

To find on line courses in the United States, PEOI recommends Distance Learning Exchange maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Excellent open content courses can be found at the Sharing of Free Intellectual Assets (SOFIA) which is maintained by Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA.

For English as a second language using Skype, take a look at Teach the World Online.

The RESPECT web site provides education for refugees with correspondance courses conducted by volunteer tutors for small groups of refugees.

Centres d'examens



Aux Etats Unis les centres d'examens font partie de la National College Testing Association (NCTA) que vous pouvez consulter à

Un nombre de centres d'examens se trouveront en France et à l'étranger.