PEOI service to universities

PEOI believes that most learning in class is superior to distance education, and that schools, colleges and universities perform an irreplaceable function. Distance education becomes an alternative when in-class learning imposes costs in terms of travel and time constraints on individuals who need to work. These costs can become insurmountable for individuals who are not wealthy or those located far from university centers (especially in developing countries).

PEOI is not itself a college or university. PEOI only delivers distance learning course content. PEOI can assist most institutions of higher learning carry out their mission by providing course content free of charge to the university and at a cost to a student for testing that is comparable to that of a regular textbook. PEOI assistance to universities can be of several different types.

1)- Course material presented on the PEOI web site can be a valuable resource to faculty for additional exercises, tests and references, for updating their knowledge and for exchanging ideas with counterparts at other institutions.

2)-PEOI offers an electronic textbook for given courses at no cost, which faculty can use as the assigned text for a regular in-class course. If a course instructor wishes his/her students to use PEOI testing and grading services for a professional course the students must enroll in the course which requires payment of a fee (see 'Courses' section on PEOI) that is less than the cost of regular textbooks. This lowers the cost of instruction to students, and makes it possible for more students to enroll in courses currently offered by the institution. For fundamental courses, students can be enrolled in PEOI courses at no charge. Moreover, instructor's grading burden is significantly lightened, which is especially useful in large classes.

3)- PEOI offers colleges and universities professional course content that can be offered as individual special studies under faculty supervision, for those courses that do not attract a sufficient number of students to run them.

4)- PEOI can locate a faculty for a student to take a specific professional course necessary for completion of a program of studies. This allows these institutions to award diplomas even if their faculty cannot teach all the necessary courses. Thus, PEOI courses make it possible to attract additional students and generate additional revenues.

5)- For most students, PEOI recommends to register at a college or university, and take the course under the supervision of a faculty member for motivation, guidance and testing. Individuals that contact PEOI for a given course can be directed to an institution that has notified PEOI of its willingness to take on non-matriculated special studies students.

6)- For students that are determined to study without an instructor, PEOI is seeking institutions that are willing to serve as testing location, for which compensation is provided.

To list an institution as PEOI partner institution, to inquire how PEOI and your institution of higher learning can help one another, and to offer your comments, criticism or suggestion, please send a message to: