Why should one become PEOI faculty?

PEOI believes that in-class learning is superior to distance education for most forms of education, that individual guidance of an instructor can be superior to in-class learning in many cases, and that depending on the subject and student learning ability, distance education can be the most effective format for both student and faculty.

Indeed, for students, costs of travel, time constraints and lost income for students who must work, make on-line learning the only viable alternative for millions of students worldwide.

For faculty, avoiding repetitious lecturing affords more time for expanding course content and assisting those students that really need help. Consequently, faculty can serve a larger number of students with PEOI on-line course content, while devoting more time to research. PEOI offers a flexible and diverse learning environment that can serve a variety of student learning preferences and a spectrum of administrative and creative tools to assist faculty to be more productive in their scholarly and teaching work.


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