Registration as author

Registration as author (accessed through Author registration above) is essentially identical to registration as instructor. Yet, a PEOI's registered author is not expected to take on on-line students as PEOI's instructors. However, being a contributing author may attract students which can be a source of professional recognition, career advancement and earnings. Making a contribution as author does not have to take away from other commitments one may have. Authors are likely to hold regular university full-time teaching positions, and possibly, to maintain their own teaching material on a university or personal web site. But this is not a requirement for PEOI's registration as author, and practicing professionals are strongly encouraged to participate as authors.

Registered authors will be asked to participate in peer review of contributions by other authors. Their participation is entirely voluntary. But frequency of participation in peer reviews also appears in the listings students look at to choose their instructor.

There is no salary or other form of compensation for contributing to course development or participating in peer reviews. It is believed that the opportunities for professional recognition and advancement from being a PEOI's author are significant enough.

Registration is naturally necessary to establish credentials and verify that the faculty member is entitled to take on on-line students and make modifications to course content. See PEOI's Privacy policy for why registration requires a range of information, and how PEOI makes sure this information is kept secure. A registration becomes effective only after independent confirmation of the information entered.


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